Commitment to excellence

Quality Policy

We are committed to ensure Quality across all our processes, interfaces and delivery points - in both core and support processes to keep Technogreen at the top of the industry standards

We aim for 'Consistent Execution Quality' through quality materials, trained manpower, standardized installation procedures, high manpower, productivity procedural check lists and ultimately through structured internal training programs.

Our Promises

To focus on human values of integrity, honesty and commitment to be engineered for growth in a sustainable manner

  • To ensure that our people enjoy their work which gets transmuted to "Customer Delight"
  • To be determined to provide only the best quality products and services to our clients always
  • To remember society and communities and give back to it as a mark of our debt and gratitude besides being environmentally conscientious

Our Deliverables...

Are nothing but the best for our consumers and we ensure our competent and experienced personnel assist you through the entire fitment lifecycle right from understanding your requirement to executing it on the floor, thereby ensuring an all in all supreme overhaul.

Technogreen also believes in its promptness and proactive after-sales service ensuring that your premises are at optimal performance levels at all times. Speed of execution with no compromise on quality offered at a highly competitive price make us a dependable, trusted as well as valued partner for all your HVAC infrastructure needs

EHS Policy

Our EHS Policy emphasis on environment, Health & Safety through a structured approach and a well defined organization.

  • We promote energy efficient products and energy saving solutions.
  • We use, Environment and people friendly materials.
  • We ensure safe installation procedures and mandate safety gears for our manpower at execution points. In our delivery model, Project Manager is responsible for the EHS at the delivery point and he is enabled by External training programs and active support from top Management, in fulfilling his EHS related commitments

Our Safety Awareness